How can drug tests be taken? Drug tests can be performed by taking samples of a personís blood, urine, hair, saliva and breath. Result information from such drug testing can reveal recent usage or prolonged usage, depending on the type of test taken. Blood drug testing information can effectively determine a personís very recent use of drugs, say just a couple of hours. In case of the use of drugs for a prolonged period needs to be established, a urine test is suggested. Urine drug testing information helps to establish the presence of drugs taken some time back. Hair drug testing information can show a personís history of drug abuse. This is because hair drug testing information can reveal use of drugs for over a longer period of time as traces of drugs used are present in the hair. The length of a personí a hair can reveal that much about the level of drug abuse of an individual from whom the sample is taken. It is quite a reliable method. Saliva and breath tests are not very good for revealing drug usage, but are correct for detecting alcohol usage. Information from such drug testing is not really meant to show use of drugs. It is necessary to be aware of this fact.

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